Working from cafes - Me and Orla

Working from cafes via Me and Orla

This post from Sara is really interesting, the perspective. It's never crossed my mind not to work at home, or that I would be more productive working elsewhere. But now I think of it... Time to re-kindle the pie-in-the-sky idea of having a little studio office somewhere maybe?

So for three days a week, I get up early, I sit in unnecessary traffic burning uncessessary fuel, and work in one of a dozen or so nearby cafes. I visit different places on different days, depending on my mood, what work I have on, or the kind of ‘fix’ I need. Because cafes are a strange sort of self-medication, I’ve discovered – the scruffy student bar inspires different things to the shiny, on trend city-centre coffee shop. The different music & sounds & smells all trigger different responses in my brain, or something, and I find I’m much more able to immerse myself in whatever I need to create that day.