(v) Slowlived

I think there's something really special about this time of year, it provokes you to slow down. To spend time in the kitchen making stews and crumbles, to savour long walks, to enjoy the day before the night draws in early, to sit by the fireside and just  be still. 

With 240 photos joining in this week, picking just 9 was really hard. Add to the great images, there's such a lovely Instagram community joining in that I would rather like to pick everyone up, hand them a mug of warm milk and a ginger biscuit and say a big thank you. I am completely in love with Instagram and the people I feel I've connected with.

So much so in fact, that I'm strongly considering changing my blog name to Slowlived. I know I've not long moved to Fable & Folk but honestly something has just clicked in the past few weeks. Slowing down and taking more time to do things offline, enjoying the season, being inspired by peoples snapshots of their lives, has left me feeling, well, like I am living slower and happier for it. Does that sound naff? I really hope not.

Once again, I'm some Instagram photos that leapt out at me from the #slowlived feed. If you would like to join in simply tag your mellow, slow living inspired images #slowlived. I'll share a selection of them here next week as usual ♥

 #slowlived Instagram