The November List

If you are subscribed to the wonderful blog Think Big, Live Simply  you will know that each month when Bec emails out she includes a monthly list. I do like this list idea a lot. Another list maker I have seen recently is Rachel who does a Things I'm Loving Lately list each month. 


This past few weeks I've been stepping back from the online a bit and making some simple but effective changes to how I live, little things that are making a big difference. That's a post for another day of course,  but it's interesting how this shift has changed how I see things. For example, I am suddenly very aware that I don't often blog my thoughts any more, personal stuff. Photos, days out, lifestyle shizzle yes, but actual feelings, nope. I never ever post photos of myself any more, ever. I am beginning to wonder if feeling stressed has led to me clamming up, under sharing the personal. Who knows. Oddly enough my lovely friend Elizabeth has also identified similar and is returning to an old way of blogging.

What I do know is I like the list idea. It feels like a gentle step into blogging more personally once again. And so, with less chatty faffing, here's my November List.


The November List

 · making ·  We have been busy making bookcase (#1 of 2) for our kitchen / dining / snug area at home. At a huge 7ft high by 6 ft wide when both bookcases are up they are going to be imposing. Al has sanded down reclaimed scaffold board, waxed them with a dark wax to match our kitchen table and put them together. It's been a big task and one that's had to be slotted in around work and family time. 

 · cooking ·  This squash and ricotta pasta bake *sense the comfort food here people*  and the Dark, Sticky Stew, my favorite ever stew recipe. I even made my own bread rolls.  These chocolate brownies and this banana sponge from Bakericious. The sponge uses no butter and is very light indeed - if you like banana cake but dislike the heavy stodginess it can often give you will lose your mind for this.

 · reading ·  A vintage book borrowed from my in-laws about The New Forest. Some classic lines in there, including one that sums me up perfectly.

 · enjoying ·  Seeing Autumn unfurl, as much as it sadden me to see the trees becoming bare there's something magical about standing beneath one  on a windy afternoon with little yellow leaves falling around you like snow. Beautiful.

 · waiting ·  For a new camera.

 · wondering ·  About this whole Essena O'Neill thing. I get it, the bad bits of social media and agree with much of what she has written, but wonder if removing yourself from social media as a statement to combat the narcissistic need for 'follow me follow me' only to replace it with 'follow me follow me' over to my website instead is really changing the game or altering it to suit herself. Pondering if those who are unhappy with how social media is used, me included, should stop moaning about it and start using it in the way they would like everyone to use it, leading by example rather than going through the motions. Much wondering.

 · loving ·  Reading Roald Dahl books in 'the big bed' with Kitty and Ozzy before bed every night. Snuggled under the duvet, cuddled up, simple and special. I was a huge Enid Blyton fan growing up and didn't read any Roald Dahl books, with the exception of James and the Giant Peach at school. So it feels great to be discovering him with Kitty and Oz rather than re-living a past moment with them. He really didn't like television did he?!

 · hoping ·  That it won't rain allllllll weekend.

 · wearing · Jumpers, checked shirts, woolly socks. Considering buying vests. Unsure if this is a step too far into 'getting older'.

 · following · Her, her, her, her and her.

 · noticing · Small signs that I am getting old. A new found love of Earl Grey tea and beeswax.  I cannot seem to stop waxing everything wooden around the house.

 · knowing · That I need to keep on forcing myself to just slow down and do things with more thought. 

 · thinking ·  That it won't be long before the bloody Elf on the Shelf people start hitting Instagram. I know kids love 'him' but, frankly, he scares the sh*t out of me. You know how some people get the fear over clowns? Well I get that over the Elf on the Shelf. Considering buying 24 Elves and destroying them in a different way every day in December. For realz.

 · bookmarking ·  I have a 'For later' folder on my bookmarks bar, at the moment I have these bookmarked: Apple pie in a can and Perfectly Printable Paper Blooms.

 · giggling ·  At how Kitty is signing things 'Kitty Spratt, Auther and Illustrator'. Proud and chuckling to myself at the spelling.

 · feeling · Excited for the month ahead. For planned travels, for starting to think about Christmas and for getting the bookcases finished so I can unpack all the books that I boxed up this time last year when our house extension was being completed. I have discovered I thrive on having 'stuff' around me.


How about you? Are you a list-maker?