The loveliest Mother's Day Gift I received was...

Motherhood is something that I find myself thinking about more than ever before of late. Maybe it's related to my imminent turning of 40. Maybe it's something we think of more as our children grow. Whatever the reason I think it's a really positive thing. I'm not one to get sucked into occasions like Valentines but I do love Mother's Day. A prompt for our children to think about us mums a bit more than usual - and of course to make homemade gifts.

Kitty already leaves me little notes around the house to discover so I'm really looking forward to seeing what her creative little mind comes up with next!

Notes from Kitty

Notes from Kitty

Now the more grumpier husbands *stares at Papasaurus* might think that Mother's Day is just some over commercialised event, concocted in the past few decades to make money but they would be wrong. I was looking at  Thornton's mother's day infographic earlier this evening and discover that mother's day can be traced back over 2,500 years to the time of the ancient Greeks! I wonder if that means that we could ask our men folk to dress up in togas whilst our children feed us grapes as we recline on the sofa? Has to be worth an ask...

To celebrate all things motherly and lovely I asked some friends:

'What is your favourite mother's day gift you've received?'

Here's what they told me...

I got a giant flower, made with the stem of a real flower but tissue paper petals, that DorkySon made in kindergarten. It was so impressive and beautiful, and I loved how proud he was to give it to me
— Ruth, Dorkymum
I got a box my son made and it had a message saying never to open it as it contained his love
— Joy, The Sensory Seeker
For my first Mothers Day, Ramona was just six months old, my husband filled the house with daffodils. Hundreds of them- they were poking out of every vase and bottle on every shelf and surface. It was absolutely magical!
— Lucy, Lulastic
My kids made a banner of loads of pieces of sugar paper, with a message on it, then photographed themselves holding it, and put it in a frame. It was inspired!
— Helen, Actually Mummy
The whole day to myself and a surprise appointment at the salon to get rid of my crazy roots. Never cried so much it was needed so badly. Finally felt like myself again...
— Alice, Life as Alice
The tv remote for the day along with home made paper daffodils... utter bliss! Doesn’t happen often!
— Simone, Sim's Life
I got a wonderful silver handmade necklace last year from my daughter - it was just a simple leaf shape, but she chose it her self so it meant an awful lots - she still comments on it everytime I wear it was well, so I think it means a lot to her as well.
— Helen, Kiddy Charts
Last year our PTA asked each child to come into school with £1 to choose a gift for their mother. Alice chose a pink key ring with Beautiful mummy written on it and bessie chose a pink tea light holder. Both gifts are special as they’d chosen them on their own and I use both to show I appreciate them.
— Marianne, Mari's World
When Jacob was at nursery he made a pink paper heart with 2 bits of ribbon coming off with his hand prints at the ends - the heart read “because you are special in every way, I’ve measured my hug for Mother’s Day x”
— Clare, Seasider in the City

Reading these mother’s day experiences has left me excited as to what Kitty and Ozzy are going to make for me this year! Do you have a mother’s day gift which stands out in your mind as extra special ? Please do share in the comments below x