Siblings in November

These two are so close. Yes, there's still the obligatory 'Muuuuuum! Oscar's in my room again!' echoing down the stairs each morning but they are, on the whole pretty in tune with each others feelings.

FYI I've found that it matters not one bit what I shout back up the stairs to this, in fact just shouting 'zebra face cake joy leaves leaves leaves!' back up to them seems to stun them into baffled silence and Oz trundles back to his room, no quite sure of what just occurred.

If you can't beat 'em - baffle them.

Siblings runs every month on the 15th, the linky is open until the end of the month. The linky is the brainchild of Lucy from Dear Beautiful and hosted by 6 bloggers. Each month the 6 bloggers who host send their readers on to visit another host. This month I am sending you over to the the lady herself, Lucy, who's getting used to a new ordinary as a mother of three. Expect extreme levels of cute, go go go!

Annie Spratt12 Comments