Every year I forget the pre-Christmas over-excited-mania that comes over my children. Until Day 1 of the Christmas holidays that is, then it's wham, everywhere I look and everything I hear. I've spent the past couple of weeks repeating the manta 'it's only one day' to myself, and of course it is, when you are 40 years old. When you are 6 or 7 years old though it's not 'only one day', it's the day. The day that they have been building up to all month long with advent calendars, carol singing, tree decorating, present buying, card writing and receiving.


When you are 6 or 7 it's the greatest day of the year and obviously you are going to near self-combust with sheer joy.


The only way that we can get through days in the run up to Christmas is to get outdoors for fresh air, to run off some of that excess energy that often results in bickering when left shut indoors to fester. The only day that this is an exception is Boxing Day.


Boxing Day is the 'come-down' day when everyone is too tired of being over-excited and lack of sleep from Christmas eve night catches up with all. Oh yes, Boxing Day is the cooking a large meal, eating chocolates from a giant tub and binge watching Christmas films day. I love Boxing Day more that Christmas Day in many respects. But in the meantime, walks, lots of walks...

'Mummmmm Oscar's in my room AGAIN!' ceased and before long my children informed me that they aren't going to get married when they grow up but instead go and live in the forest together so they can, and I quote, play forever. They even started a list of 'things we need when we grow up' for their forest life, top of the list being 'a fridge'. Lovely and ever so slightly worryingly practical. 

It's not just Kit & Oz that feel better for a bit of time spent outdoors, I do too. I have one eye firmly on the BBC Weather app for a dry hour tomorrow to get our sanity-fix.

I hope your Christmas hols are going well and excitement levels are bearable!