Photo essay: Seagulls in flight

This post really deserves an alternative title : 'Things you shouldn't do if you are of a nervous disposition #567'. 

I've been preoccupied with ideas of movement this week for the 4K photography that I'm experiencing. I woke up this morning and wrote two things on my hands 'Glitter Gulls'. Obvs I wasn't about to glitter a seagull (although curiously I do quite like the idea of a seagull that's been given a disco-ball mirrored finish). Today I was either going to video and grab the 4K stills of glitter or seagulls. Guess what? Gulls won. 


What seems like a very simple 'Hey Al, come out with me and throw some bread to the local mentalist seagulls' was actually a bit more scary to be 'in the thick' of. My fear of cows may have been replaced by my fear of gulls, these were a lively bunch to say the least...

This next one cracks me up - it's not everyday you see a wingless seagull doing a flying squirrel impression is it?

Although I have shared a gazillion seagulls photos here I do really like each and every one of them, the different details, the moments. I was impressed at how the Lumix LX-100 coped with the numerous gulls, it's not easy to auto-focus with so many different things going on close and far away from the lens.

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