Our weekend in photos

This weekend has passed in a flash, walks in the forest, a rugby taster session, Sunday dinner at Grandmas (thanks Mags!), fairy cake making (more importantly icing and decorating) and we even ate a Heston hidden orange Christmas pud, before after all, as Nina pointed out on Instagram - there's been snow , so it is officially-very-nearly-Christmas in my eyes.

I enjoyed my pud, wrote the first of my Christmas cards ready for the Folklings ladies in next weekend Yorkshire retreat ( thanks again to Canopy & Stars for arranging our stay).  Cards and napkins are c/o Thornback and Peel, who have some lovely classic style Christmas prints in stock. See if you can spot the evidence of my new found Devonshire Tea love snuck in there too!

Finally I've been organizing, lots of organizing. When you go away as a family there's always lots to consider and pack, but when you go away without your children there always seems like there's more to pack and arrange. Touch wood it's all done now and tomorrow morning we'll be flying to Reykjavik. Fingers crossed on the weather, at the moment the forecasts vary from rain to fog to light snow. Anything but fog please weather gods!

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