Recommended places to visit in the Caribbean


I love word-of-mouth recommendations when planning a holiday. Such pearls of wisdom can help you get off the tourist trail and discover the real flavours of a country and ensure a happier holiday. Today we are sharing some recommended places to visit in the Caribbean, places that are great to eat, drink, visit and experience.

 ‘Best beaches in Barbados’


The West Coast has the best beaches for swimming and sunbathing. But it's totally worth a trip over to the east side of the island, to Bathsheba, where we had the most amazing coconut popcorn shrimp at the Roundhouse there, while we watched the surfers. – Helen, Actually Mummy

‘Watch the cricket in Holetown Barbados’


We stay in Holetown, which is fabulous with beautiful beaches and restaurants. Our favourite place to eat is Tides. Also worth a day watching the cricket - what an atmosphere! – Sarah, Grenglish

‘Volcanic St Lucia’


St Lucia is a very different kind of island. It's volcanic so it has stunning peaks of greenery inset from the beaches, where Barbados is mostly flat and cultivated. Barbados for the beaches, St Lucia for the scenery inland. - Helen, Actually Mummy


‘See the turtles in the Cayman Islands’


Cayman Islands are stunning. Cayman turtle farm is a great day out but nothing beats the white sandy beaches and looking for sand dollars or going snorkelling – Kara, ChelseaMamma


‘Havana’s architecture’

Yellow building

I loved the diversity of Cuba, really nowhere like it. Havana is an absolute must, just get lost in the city streets and wonder at the decaying architecture. –Mary, Over 40 and a Mum to One

‘Trindad Carnival’

Big Wheel

I'm from Trinidad and Tobago so am always going to recommend it there! It's unique in its history and multiculturalism and nothing celebrates this more than Trinidad Carnival, often called the greatest party of them all! – Adele, Circus Queen

‘Eat drink and be entertained in Anguilla’


If you want to get away from the crowd, try Anguilla, the Culinary Capital of the the Caribbean. A short boat ride from St Martin/St Maarten, this island has great beaches, fabulous hotels and amazing food. There's a great musical vibe too, with a weekend long music festival- Moonsplash- being held every year, and attended by performers like John Mayer, Jimmy Buffet and Footloose legend Kevin Bacon! – Kelly, Domestic Goddesque


‘Go to Exuma ‘

Swim underwater

Here, you feed stingrays and watch while a guy wrangles sharks before you go snorkelling. There’s a free bar all day and a delicious lunch of steaks, fish, salads and pasta – basically the whole day felt like a beautiful dream which I didn’t want to wake up from. – Samantha, Coca Butter Blog


‘Take a horse and cart ride around Old Havana, Cuba’

Old Havana, Cuba c/o Globalmouse Travels

The streets of this Unesco World Heritage site are fascinating and full of glimpses of everyday life. Travelling by horse and cart allows you to take it all in at a sedate pace. Horses and carts are easy to pick up around Park Central, just make sure you negotiate the price before you leave. – Nichola, Globalmouse Travels


‘Buy from the Bajan Fish Markets’

Fish market, Barbados

Along every coast road in Barbados there is a fish market.   It might be one governed by the Island’s Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, or it could be a table at the end of somebody’s drive.  Either way, you know it is going some of the best fish you have ever tasted, zero airmiles, and caught within the past 24 hours. - Tanya, Mummy Barrow


'Sailing around the British Virgin Islands'

On board a boat

See crystal clear warm waters, fabulous scenery and in the ports lively atmosphere. The island are welcoming and the food is out of this world as well as the islands do like to Party which ever night of the week it is. From coves where you can be the only boat to large marinas with carnivals and parties minutes walk away it's fantastic.  - Cerys, Rainy Day Mum