DIY Christmas Presents: Quick And Easy Chocolate Gift


Following on from my post the other day about making your own tea bags as a Christmas present, I’m back with another make your own present idea. This chocolate gift is super quick and easy to make as well as costing next to nothing. It would make the perfect Christmas present for teachers or grandparents and can be displayed on window sills / fireplaces until the big day as a decoration. The chocolates have been stuck down so that you can pick the entire thing up and carry it around without anything falling over.

Making your own Christmas presents is a really nice way of keeping costs down and it also shows you’ve spend some time thinking about that person and what to make them. You don’t have to be particularly crafty either, this list of DIY gifts has lots of ideas, some as simple as putting something ingredients in a jar. It’s also a great way of avoid busy high streets at this time of year, I know I’d much rather by indoors with a hot drink than traipsing around shops in the cold.

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