Grow and Eat: Garlic

arlic actually originates in Central Asia, and has been used for centuries all over the world as food and medicine. There are two different types of garlic; hard-neck and soft-neck.

Hard-neck garlic varieties produce a stronger flavoured garlic. These kind of garlic plants usually have fewer, larger, cloves and you’ll often find flowers on the plants. The harvested bulbs will keep until the winter.

Soft-neck garlic will store for longer than hard-necked varieties and produces more cloves, but they’re smaller.

I sow my garlic in the Autumn, although you can also plant in spring. They like a nice cool period for good early development, which is why I prefer an Autumn start. Each bulb breaks apart and the cloves are sown individually. Make sure you put them the right way up with the flatter part at the bottom and the pointy end on top!