Modern Botanics

This is what I stand for, who I am and what I do.
— Mirta, Modern Botanics

As seen above:

2016 Block Printed Botanical Wall Calendar

Wooden Pin

Large hand printed bucket bag

Handmade large fox journal hand bound with linen

Medium zipper pouch in organic cotton hand printed with branch pattern

Leaves & Pods illustration art print hand printed linocut on postcard sized white paper


Modern Botanics is  a range of sustainable goods created with eco-friendly materials using traditional techniques by  Mirta, an illustrator and print maker.

I first came across Modern Botanics on Instagram, the simple and botanical elements of her designs drew me in. Then I read a post over on Emma's blog on Modern Botanics: The Creative Process and felt more of a connection to Mirta as an artist. Finally I visited the online store and fell in love with all her work and couldn't not share it here on Folk. That calendar!

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