Life, lately

 Mini eggs
 Mini eggs
 Westex Vintage Camera
 Boy standing by tree

Time for a short life update.

Kitty turned 8, celebrating her leapling birthday on your actual birthday is a rare occurrence. Cards lined up on the fireplace, some with a number 8 on and some with number 2. It was one of the nicest birthdays I can recall - pure happiness all day.

Ozzy continues to grow and I'm finally used to his shorter hair. He's starting pranking me daily, lego in my slippers, fake lizards in my bed, joke dog poo on the stairs. Of course I'm not taking this lying down - I'm pranking him right back *chuckles*

Working remotely works for me nicely but I've started to come really anal about my workspace. I need it to be totally clear before I can sit down and start for the day and I've started leaving little post it notes on my desk reminding everyone not to dump their stuff around my space. Heh heh such a diva, a clear desk is a clear mind and all that jazz...

It's my birthday this weekend, the camera you see above in this post is a present from my mum. I'm planning on buying film for it as it's in great condition so hopes are high that it will work - can't wait to try it out. 

My job for the weekend is to FINALLY share my Krakow photos - it's been too long already!