Introducing the Folklings prompt



You might have heard of Folklings, a website that gently explores the concept of slow living. Well it's evolving into a monthly prompt, open to anyone who would like to join in. Each month we'll be giving a prompt,  inviting people to join us in sharing thoughts, inspiration, ideas, images.

We would like to encourage people joining in to share links to any relevant posts or articles that you find that you would like to share and find relevant and interesting. Think of it as tendrils reaching out to like minded people, sharing isn't just caring, it's acknowledging and respecting.

The first Folklings Prompt will begin on October 1st and run for the whole month, if you would like to join in that would be lovely, feel free to join in at any time of the month. Share your post with us on Twitter using the #Folklings hashtag and I'll add your post to the homepage round up over on and promote it over the month.

The curators who have worked on Folklings so far are lovely and we'd love you to join us and help form a small, like-minded mini-community with the prompt. Think the Wicker Man without the dubious ending... 

Annie Spratt3 Comments