Independent Magazine Swap

 Independent Magazines

I love independent magazines. I love the initial 'ooo I bought it!' and the excited surprise of it popping through my letterbox. Setting time aside, brewing the perfect cuppa and sitting down to read and feast my eyes upon it's beauty. The whole process from start to finish is a joy.

With so many wonderful and unique magazines out there to discover you're really spoilt for choice. My list of favourites is ever growing as I'm always discovering new ones via my Stack Magazines subscription & Instagram. 

These magazines I can never throw away, for to me there are just the same as books, a thing of physical beauty to be treasured, to come back to and enjoy time and time again. But my bookcase groans, I can't bear to throw any away but I would love to discover new reads, and so I wondered if anyone would be up for a magazine swap?

If you're interested click the button below or click no 'Indie Mage Swap' in the navigation above!