How to set photos on Instagram to portrait or landscape

When it comes to Instagram there's a lot of purists out there who believe that the images should be square and square only, that it was designed for shooting 'in the moment' to share. 

But there's a huge rise in people who are putting a lot of thought and effort into what they share, consistency of content and how their grid looks as a whole. Here's a few examples, click on each to visit the instagrammer.

Something I've spotted more and more of late are accounts that are laid out purely sharing landscape or portrait images, and example of a landscape layout is @dear_beautiful_ , like so:

I'm going to give trying out a portrait layout Instagram feed a go, so I've been looking into how best to do that. If you want to use landscape or portrait orientations you will need to use another app to accomplish that as at the moment this isn't something that Instagram allows in-app. I have tried out 4 apps, one paid-for and 3 free apps, and to cut to the chase I'm sharing my favourite one first.

Cropic / Free App *best app*

Simple and quick to use, I love that you can set your background colour for outside the crop as I quite fancied using black, but being a free app there's ads at the bottom of the screen which will either no bother you or annoy you - but hey it's free!

No Crop / Free App

Tried, got incredibly frustrated with pop-ups advertising other apps that I didn't even crop one photo. It might be free but it's hard work and therefore not my bag.

PhotoToaster - £2.49 

I love the obvious lack of ads that comes with a paid app but just wish that there was an option to choose the background colour for the space surrounding the cropped photo.


Squaready / Free App 

Much the same as Cropic,  but without the option to set the coloured background.


Have you tried cropping images on Instagram? If you have any app recommendations I'd love to hear them!