Fujifilm X-30

 Fujifilm X-30

Fujifilm X-30

Two words people, two words - Glastonbury Festival. But what camera to pack? I have chosen not to pack my beloved Fujifilm XT-1 (thanks again to Tom Arber for that recommendation), I just won't be able to keep it safe whilst dancing / drinking / making merry. As much as I love my iPhone the thought of only having that to take photos with whilst at the festival made me kind of sad. It's my first time at Glasto and I want to document it, I know that if I didn't have a camera with me that I would be spending large chunks of time thinking 'woah that looks TOO COOL! If only I had my camera', followed by what can only be described as a grumpy pout. 

And so I took headed to the Fujifilm website to see what smaller, more point and shoot style cameras they do. It boiled down to a toss up between the new and the X30 and the new XQ2.  I would love to sit here and give you a really in depth analysis on why I picked the slightly more expensive X30, but I can't, I just preferred the look of it, chunkier and a more like my XT-1 that I adore. 

I bought my X30 from Cameraworld as I have bought from them in the past and been happy with their service. The X30 cost £329 which included a free lens hood and filter kit, worth  £65 (see here for deets). This was the best deal I could find online at the time and included free delivery. I was super sensible, and with sage advice from my good friend Jenny, ordered a spare battery and two Lexar 16GB memory cards (bought on a BOGOF). The filter kit is awesome, honestly if you are buying the X30, get the kit, it offers fab protection - after all it's a fixed lens camera, if you scratch that lens it's going to be costly to put right.

The X30 comes in black or black & silver, I chose black and silver, again purely because I thought it looked sexier.

X30 stats

12.0 Million Pixels CMOS X-Trans Sensor
High precision F2.0-2.8 28mm -112mm 4x manual barrel zoom lens
Manual zoom and control ring, two dials, six function buttons
Ten different film simualtion modes that simulate the effects of traditional Fujifilm films
Advance film simulations: Pop Colo, Toy Camera, Miniature, Dynamic Tone, Partial Color,High Key, Low Key and Soft Focus.
Full HD Movies up to 60fps
3.0” Tilting LCD

I haven't had much time to try it out so far, packing and organizing being away has been draining my time, but here's a few snaps from the house & garden that I took with the X30 yesterday afternoon.

Having trouble with using the wifi option on your x30? 

Do NOT install the  Fujifilm  Camera App as it's not compatible. I Googled 'fujifilm app' and that was the only one that came up, I installed it, it didn't work and I was very grumpy (which seems to be what most of the people leaving negative feedback on that app have done). Take out your X30 Owners Manual and turn to page 44. There you will find a QR code. Scan it and you will see the choice of 2 apps, I used the Fujifilm Camera Remote app and that works like a dream! 

 you are the best thing

you are the best thing

And a final very big thank you for everyone who voted for me in the Photography category in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, I was over the freaking moon when I discovered I had won. Of all the blogging awards I've won this one meant the most to me as I've tried really hard to improve my photography over the past year and loved every minute of it, so recognition of that effort is an awesome thing. Cheers!

Acknowledgements: Patterns and image used in backdrops are from The Recorder, a twice-yearly magazine that uncovers the world of type and graphic design, and the role it plays in culture and our everyday lives. It's this months offering from my fave place to discover independent magazines -  Stack Magazines.

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