(As they're known as in these parts). Wild bilberries. Found growing on exposed uplands, where the tiny blue-black fruits hide amongst tough green foliage. They're ready for picking from late July and can be bought at the market in little punnets, often imported from Poland.


The unripe pink fruits promise a further harvest to come throughout August.

Picking requires sharp eyesight, nimble fingers and a willingness to scramble up steep banks. The diminutive size of the berries means that jugs, bowls and containers will fill very slowly indeed (hence the expensive price tag should you see them for sale).


A few hours' foraging results in stained fingers, scratched hands and a small but precious haul. The whinberry pie is one of the most highly-prized pleasures to be had, a late summer treat which is delicious served with double cream.

Curated & Photographed by

Sarah Hardman

Sarah lives over at Mitenska, where she chronicles life's simple pleasures.

She's a keen photographer, writer and tea drinker. Her favourite things include collecting treasures from her daily rambles, baking cake, rainy days and cosying up with a good book.

She resides in the Pennines with her partner and little boy.

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