Vai Kai, Avakai companions- a Kickstarter campaign

“Communicate emotions and play with imagination. At home, outside or across the world. No screens required.”


“The lovingly crafted, durable, and locally-sourced wooden figurine enhanced with digital interactivity. Avakai combines the qualities of traditional toys and versatility of mobile devices.”

Because the Avakai are connected and respond to each other, it allows them to be used in creative ways. Here are some suggested games:

Hide & Seek Avakai give children a ‘six-sense’ of proximity, leading them to the play destination through increasing haptic feedback

Treasure hunt A small present can be hidden inside of the Avakai and then the players can discover it using the other figurine or even a smartphone with an app installed.when the two Avakai are connected to each other, simple signals can be sent across. A tap on the head produces musical sound signals, and they are heard on the other side as well. 

Find out more about the Avakai Kickstarter campaign

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