Parson's Pleasure

“We are at Parson’s Pleasure, the open-air bathing place. There may be many parsons there, for all we can tell- clergymen are a great feature of North Oxford- but everyone is naked. Bodies lie stretched on the grass, looking up between the poplars, pipes jammed into mouths, sunlight dappling bald or long-haired heads.”

— John Betjeman

Stuck in traffic, on a road trip to Norfolk, we listened to the program on BBC Radio Oxford about swimming in the River Thames. I was tickled to learn about Parson's Pleasure and then gathered a few tidbits about it from my husbands' family. I loved to hear about how there was a sign to direct lady punters where they needed to alight and walk around to meet the punt further along, ensuring that they wouldn't be exposed any male nudity at the rollers. 

I think a punt tour is in order...

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Katie Rhymes

Excitable, kooky soul living with her family in Oxford.  Loves dipping her toes in the random offerings of life and riding her bike.