Campfire Popcorn

Pour a great dollop of oil onto a large sheet of aluminium foil. (We used Olive Oil.) Add a handful of popping kernels. 

Dangle parcel over the fire. It's ok to let it touch the flames. Practice patience. The popping will start just after the moment where you are about to give up; thinking that it hasn't worked. And then, you might have to contain your excitement at hearing the popping and seeing the little jolts within the package. Carefully shake your parcel every now and then. 

 Campfire Popcorn

Don't wait until the popping has completely stopped. Once the popping has slowed, remove the parcel from the fire. Don't panic if it's smoking. It could just be excess oil. It doesn't have to mean that it's gone wrong.

 Campfire Popcorn

Carefully open your parcel. (It's going to be hot. So don't burn yourself or the surface you put the foil onto.) You may be feeling a little bit excited right now.

You can eat it now. But calm your greedy self enough to wait a minute so that you don't burn your tongue. Shake in any chosen flavorings. 

Campfire popcorn seasoned with a bit of Salt, Smoked Paprika and Parmesan.
Campfire popcorn seasoned with a bit of Salt, Smoked Paprika and Parmesan.

I like mine with a bit of Salt, Smoked Paprika and Parmesan. 

You can either be satisfied that this makes up a nice portion for one, or you can go ahead and whip up another batch or two . 

I'm already thinking about the other popcorn flavorings we can try next time. Rosemary oil, drizzled butter, chilli, campfire caramel... 

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