An Autumn sunset

Autumn isn't the easiest time of year for taking photos. It gives the initial colour as leaves change colour and red berries appear and then cruelly takes them away as they fall to the ground and merge into brown-ness. Then it brings in a new colour. Grey.

Clouds and earlier darker nights are so often the case and the 'Golden Hour' of Summer is but a distant memory. But, just once in a while there is a sunny afternoon. You know the one I mean, where it's cold but it's undeniably dry and then sun is shining, not as hot and yellow as on Summer days but it really is there.

Kitty and I made the most of one such afternoon a couple of weeks ago. There was stew in the slow cooker, a spare hour, so we took off to Hatchet Pond to catch the last of the days rays. Oh I am so glad we went...