We've been too busy for you to see your own children - how blogging brightened a dark morning - actually.

Some mornings you wake up and the joys of mother nature greet you - the sun is shining, the children have slept a little longer than usual and the bags under your eyes don't look quite as bad as usual. Other mornings you wake up to a stinky (but adorable) basset hound howling and a letter on the doormat from your abusive ex-husband.

Sadly today was the latter.

As you most likely know I have eight children, 2 of which live with me (and if you don't know why I'll direct you here to find out why as it's much easier than trying to explain in a tweet). Every few months I hear from my ex-husband as to the date that I am 'allowed' to see my middle three children - and remember only 3 hours a month is allowed - after all they are very busy *grinds teeth* *feels grey hair sprout*. Today I received this letter with the dates for the next three months. This is the actual letter - all that was in the envelope.

Such a charming an eloquent way with words, of course if you have been 'busy' then that's fine to leave me wondering when I will next see my children for weeks on end... And then this brought back my anger from Christmas - of course the children can't ring me - ever - including Christmas day or their birthdays - as they are 'too busy'.

So yes, this morning I was feeling 'meh' a mixture of sadness and anger. Until that is I opened the front door...

A box! A box for me! I never have post let alone a parcel. What's occurring?  Had I ordered something on-line? *Racks brain* Nope I hadn't - the mystery grew... What was in the box?

I took it inside and opened it up with Queen Scamp. And the light of blogging shone bright! With impeccable timing and just lovely intentions I discovered that Actually Mummy has sent me a lovely big balloon - and choccies (hands off) ! Scamp squealed... I squealed... Ozzy ran in to see what was going on and he squealed too!


What a super lovely thought from a great lady and friend! Thank you my dear - you have brightened up my dark morning!