Blog -separation-anxiety / Happy half-blog- birthday to meeeeeeee

Full of the after lethargy of Christmas and it's excesses I awoke this morning to a twinge, an ache if you like. After much deliberating I have decided that it's most likely blogging separation anxiety. I scheduled my Christmas Day post 4 days ago now and haven't blogged since (although I have been doing some major Love Blogs uber exciting shizzle). Coffee in hand I have plonked my half asleep far-larger-than-a-week-ago-arse down and opened up Wordpress to start a post and noticed something - today is ... *fanfare of trumpets* *drumroll* *high kicking cancan girls* exactly 6 months since my first blog post! I don't need to tell you that bloggy inspiration comes when you least expect it to save the day. Has it really been that long?

Wordpress, like the man from Del Monte says 'YES'. 196 posts, 3289 comments, 4,879 spam comments blocked, 6 months, 41,237 views.

I don't know where those folks came from but it makes me happy that they did. I don't sit here day in day out clutching the laptop couting stats like Scrooge McDuck counts his pennies - but I do like to see that people are reading. It's a little ray of sunshine after a hard day - a bit like a chocolate hobnob.

Someone asked me to describe what I blog about a few days ago. I don't know. Really, not a clue. It could be anything. I like to keep it mixed up, I want someone who regularly reads my blog to not know what on earth will be waiting for them when they visit.

So in a nostalgic stylee here's a few posts that I enjoyed from the early days...

The Saggy Tummy of a Happy Mummy

-truth be told I wasn't happy about my tummy at the time, I suffered from a purging disorder for the  year before I started blogging. Blogging has given me self-esteem and now I am no longer ruled by worrying about weight.

Be still my beating libido

- Unashamedly written about my neighbours 19 year old sun who likes to sunbathe naked.

Evil Boobie Pulling Gravity - A Warning !

- which just goes to show that you don't have to write to post...

Mammasaurus Poem #1 – Mothers Ruin (aka Thank F*ck it’s Bedtime)

-this is how I feel after most days.

And finally Does Your Family Read Your Blog?

- say no more!

Apologies as that was all rather self-indulgent! I'll post up a 'What I've learnt in the first 6 months of blogging and advice I'm passing on'  tomorrow - with not one self-centered link I promise!

I hope you had a good Christmas - I have very happy children who are now racing about the place with new toys and I feel bloated, tired and slightly hungover - so it must have been good!