Nimpom Pimpom


Nimpon Pimpom

Kitty is little.

Kitty is a little girl.

Kitty is a little girl with a friend.

Kitty is a little girl with a friend named Nimpom Pimpom.

Nimpom Pimpom is my special friend,

He's not real but perfectly pretend,

And when I am bored I giggle and say

"Nimpom Pimpom what shall we do today?"

I know - Let's go to the shop!

Nimpom bounces on bananas,

And pokes all the plums,

Licks all the limes,

Prods the pears with his thumbs!

Nimpom really loves cereal

So he stops for a munch,

Ballet dances on biscuits

Until they go CRUNCH!

Nimpom not the conserves!

Please spare the spread!

Don’t juggle the jams

Or they’ll land on your head!

Nimpoms being quite naughty,

He’s clapped eyes on the cake,

Leave the bread alone Nimpom!

Don’t give it a shake!

You’ll sit in the trolley

If you cannot be good

So no fiddling fish fingers

And fingering food!

Now we’re at the checkout

No! Don’t jump on there!

She’ll scan you on through,

And flatten your hair!

You’ll be packed in the bags

With the plums and the cheese

Oh poor Nimpom Pimpon

Have you hurt your knees?

Tired and achey

But soon on the mend

Oh Nimpon Pimpon

You’re my special friend!

Now I know what you are thinking - have I gone completely bonkers? On this occasion the answer is 'no'!

A lovely lady called Nataliya over at GreenKiddie had a great idea a little while back to compile a book of short bedtime stories for young children, with contributions from parent bloggers, to be published and sold with all the proceeds to go to Save The Children.

I am honoured to have been one of the seventeen bloggers to have taken part and I included this short story above.

Word reached me last night that the book, 'Once upon a time' is now available to buy via Blurb. You can  follow Save the Children at:

Twitter: @savechildrenuk



You can find  Nataliya over the GreenKiddie Facebook Page should you want to swing by and let her know what a fab job she's done!

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