Bloggy Etiquette - Commenting a link on someone else's blog - Yay or Nay?


When someone comments on your blog it's always a pleasure, a compliment that some one has taken time in their day to read what you have to say and to feedback to you what their thoughts on your post. But how do you feel when someone comments on a post and add their own link to it?

I remember back in July when I hadn't been blogging more than a few weeks, someone commented on a post of mine, very sweetly saying they like my post and that they had recently posted on the same thing - and added a link to that. Initially I thought "Holy crap! They think I have copied them!" and really did stress about it for a couple of days. I'm sure it wasn't meant in a 'oi missus I wrote about that' way, after all there's so many bloggers it's only natural that people will post on the same topics, nevertheless I wasn't too sure how to take it.

I am on the fence on this subject myself, I can see two sides and I don't believe that there's a 'right' or 'wrong'. Maybe someone is leaving a link because they feel that if I have taken time to write about that I'd like to see what they think about it too  (at some point we all try and get a cheeky bit of self promotion in don't we)? Or is it the ultimate in cheeky buggery bloggery?

Recently a good friend and blogger had a similar experience of their first 'link within a comment'. They were unsure as how to take it and that sparked me into thought when asked 'What do you do when this happens?' My honest reply was ' I grind my teeth a little but let the comment stand'.

Hang on a minute I then thought, I regularly read new blogs and when I comment I sometimes add a cheeky ' you may like to swing by Love New Blogs and join in' with a link to it. Eeek! Does that make me a serial self promoter ?!

So I am left wondering is there a general feeling in the blogosphere as to whether leaving a link in someone's comments is a good thing , just not cricket or simply down to the reader to decide? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - feel free to comment as anonymous should you wish!

And I warn you now that I am away in Leicester all day - if I get home and find that everyone has commented a link I will go totally insania!

*ducks down and holds cushion over head in case of rage against my Love New Blogs link leaving*

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