Blah blah blaggers schmaggers !

Don't roll your eyes back! Yes this is about blogging and blagging and yes, like you, if I read one more post about the subject I may implode. There is too much attention on 'blaggers' at the moment - if such a thing even exists.

This is what I see...

I see some established bloggers doing shed loads of reviews and at the same time I see newer bloggers doing the same.

What makes a newer blogger a 'blagger' that doesn't make an older blogger one?

Do people seriously start blogging to 'get stuff'? Don't be daft. It may be a perk for a newer blogger but before you even find out about PR's and reviews you have at least considered blogging and know something about it.

I started blogging back in in July and I didn't know of reviews. Within a month or so though I saw how many experienced bloggers were doing reviews and I honestly thought that that was a big part of blogging because as a new comer coming in that is how it looked.

Oh the poor PRs...erm...really? The relationship between PR and blogger will continue I do not doubt, but perhaps the PR bods now have more bloggers to choose from, a greater choice so if anything it will be better for PRs.

Will someone new who shamelessly likes the perks of reviewing products do a worse job of it than someone who only reviews the products that they have carefully selected and fit their own blog?

Annie Spratt12 Comments