The most horrifying thing happened to Queen Scamp yesterday

And no that is't an over the top eye catching title! I have never, over the 16 years I have been a mummy, raising eight children have I ever experienced this or felt quite so guilty as a consequence. Let me briefly explain. Queen Scamp, who is 3, had been complaining of a sore head for a week or so now, I'd give her some Calpol and she'd perk up. She is rather prone to saying 'I don't feel well mummy' when she is about to do something she dislikes, like having her hair washed, brushed or having to go to bed.

When I picked her up from nursery yesterday the lovely play leader took me to one side and said very sweetly

"Annie, now don't worry we've seen this on children before but we have found a large tick on the back of Kittys head today"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yes you read that right, a tick. The little bloodsucking bastards that live in ferns and grassy bits, very common in areas such as ours, The New Forest.

Having whisked her home I rang our GP's and spoke to the nurse, Kitty wouldn;t let me near her head, she screamed hysterically. I discovered after Papasaurus and I held the poor girl down that the tick in question was the size of a small broad bean.


The nurse told us to bring her straight in to the surgery to have it 'removed'. Queen Scamp hates the GP's, she screams every time we go in and this time was no different. It took 3 nurses to hold her still while I tried to comfort her whilst 'it' was 'removed'.

"Oh dear" said the nurse " I have been a nurse here for 26 years and I have never seen a tick that size on a child"


"That's been on her for at least  weeks. She needs 2 weeks of anti-biotics and if she has any signs of flu-like symptoms, aches, muscle pain or facial paralysis bring her straight back in as there is a string risk she could get Lymes Disease. The anti-biotics should stop it hopefully though"


The poor little girl. This huge tick had been under the 'bumpy' bit as the back of her head for so long and I hadn't even noticed. What sort of pathetic excuse for a mother does that make me? How could we not have noticed? No more letting her brush her own hair from now on I have vowed. She most likely 'picked up the tick' whilst we were out in the forest playing hide and seek - her favourite pastime of late. There's nothing she likes more than hiding in amongst the ferns or wedging herself under evil gorse bushes.

Today she's complaining of a sore face, sore head, sore neck and just before bed tonight a sore back.

I am usually such a confident mum, probably too confident at times and for the first time in as long as I can remember I feel like an epic maternal failure.

Poor Queen Scamp :(

Here she is two night ago feeling happy and telling us what boys are...I've added this in to cheer myself up - it's only 40 seconds long but I appreciate that videos aren't everyones cup of tea so apologies

[wpvideo 5jtbBhxM]

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