I caught my husband wearing my knickers


knickersRadical blogging - trying the bonkers to boost your blog!

Recently I've had a couple of conversations with other bloggers about the concept of  whether it's possible to boost ones blog through completely rengade ,un-sporting tactics.

I am a jolly nice person on the whole however I do have a burning desire to rise up the Tots100, yes yes blogging is all about the love of writing but a bit of recognition is always nice. I may not have the best attitude but I'm nothing if not honest ;)

Recent discussions that I've had with fellow bloggers is the rather random theory,based on nothing other than ignorant speculation, that once you hit the 'golden hundred' then as a blogger you suddenly get more interest in your blog and therefore you are more likely to 'stay up the top end' so long as you don't do anything too crazy. I'm sure the reality isn't that at all but it got me wondering if there was a slightly un-orthadox way of boosting yourself up a bit...

Random idea number 1

Post titles. There are three main types of blog post title: 1. A funny title to grab the interest and lure in the reader - especially good on Twitter! 2. An 'argh-I-dunno-what-call-this-post-ah-sod-it-that'll-do' title 3. A cunningly thought through title designed to match a commonly searched for term or question

This led me to wonder if I should have a week of normal posts just with really bizarre unrelated'searchable titles'. For example a post on making monsters masks entitled 'Addicted to driving naked'. Now you see where this posts title has come from and I should add Papasaurus hasn't been caught wearing myknickers (yet anyway)! I'll be monitoring to see whether this post generates any more traffic than a usual one, consider it a blogging experiment.

Random idea number 2

Now Actually Mummy ensures me that this is a very, very bad idea and not to be done so this is a 'don't try this at home' moment.

What if I just allowed all my spam comments through? I could post 3 times a week and have 500 comments. Devious? Yes! Unethical ? Totally! Ruddy Cunning? You know it!

Well now you know the kind of odd thoughts that go round in head, feel free to tell me I've lost the plot!

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