The uncharitable Mammasaurus - is ignorance bliss?


BUGGER OFF! I'm not very charitable.

It's not an intentional uncharitable streak that I have, it's just there's always an  excuse when it comes to me donating money to charity. Mainly it comes down to me not having a bank account. Dozens of times have I been approached on the streets of Southampton by a charity worked hoping I will set up a direct debit only to confess my lack of bank account which usually ends up with me being eyed up with suspicion.


Yep you know the things that stop your little one peeing on your best rug. I must have changed 87,7564638 of the buggers over the years. Wombat is 16 now so that means from I've been wiping bottoms and changing nappies for that long! Eight children generate a LOT of nappies and I like to think that over the years I have gone through about every brand under the sun! For most of the past sixteen years I've used Pampers nappies (don't worry this isn't a sneaky review post) and lately I have noticed the Unicef Logo on the packs I buy. Something to do with Tetanus I think, but to be honest I've never really taken the time to read what it's all about.

Today I am heading to the 'big smoke' to find out. There's a blogger event at Unicef HQ and I am lucky enough to be attending.

I feel a bit of a fraud, after all I know nothing about the work that Unicef and Pampers are doing. I could Google and find out all about it unicef logoin advance but I have chosen not to. Not because I am uninterested or do not care but so that I can go along as an unaware mother and blogger and find out from Unicef themselves. Then I can tell others , begin changing my uncharitable ways and use my blog for good.

So if you have seen the Unicef logo on packs of Pampers but like me don't really know what it's all about then please come back here on Sunday and I'll tell you all about it!

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