The kind of news that really tests my pelvic floor muscles

On an average day in the wonderful of Mammasaurus not much out of the ordinary happens. Once in while I may get a bit excitable when Ozzy says a new coherent word or if I buy some fancy washing powder on a BOGOF in my local supermarket. I also distinctly recall back in June when I got winked at by a trolley pusher in Tesco car park (and before you say it,no, not one of the old guys). So as you can imagine from the mental picture that I am building up for you, although my life is happy exciting shizzle does not happen to me on a regular basis. Until today.

Firstly (and I'm building you up here with a mini miracle before I pow pow you with the biggie), I had an email to inform me that I have won a wooden Noahs Ark from a competition on Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes blog that ran a short while back, and with 174 entries I feel a very lucky bunny to have won! This on it's own would have constituted a good week for me.


On Monday I went to a meeting, secret squirrel and covert it was too ...err well not really but it does sound even more exciting when I say it like that doesn't it? I have major nerves over this meeting, I knew it was a big deal , not only for me but for other newer bloggers too and I felt quite a bit of pressure (all self inflicted of course!)

So there I sat reading a newspaper, waiting for my 'lunchtime liaison' trying to look as sophisticated and soave as a nervous wreck wading way out of her depth could do. And then she arrived. Of course she was lovely and I relaxed and started doing what I do best ie. gabbling on like a mad woman ! And my lunch date and the source of my nerves? Only flipping Susanna Scott of BritMums!

And so my 'pow pow pow!' moment of far too over excited news - I have joined the BritMums team. Yes I know I cannot quite believe it either. I shall be, under my Love New Blogs guise be writing a column every Tuesday on BritMums highlighting some newer bloggers and providing a place for new / newer bloggers /vlog/blog-curious to come to for advice and support (and of course a cheeky glass of gin, giggle and a gossip!) Possibly called 'Newbie Tuesday' , we're sorting out the final details at the moment. This is such an exciting opportunity for myself and others too - I really am buzzing about it !

Love New Blogs will of course continue it's Weekly Showcases and highlighting the lovely newer parent blogging folk out there but with the added benefit of some of the bloggers getting taken straight to the BritMums audience too. There are so many helpful and great posts already written on BritMums that newer bloggers will find invaluable and I'm going to personally dig them out and some of them into the column every week. I also want to make the column as interactive as possible so I'll be asking each week - how can we help YOU -  if there is something that you as a newer blogger want to know or are stuck on then this is your chance to ask. I'll then find relevant posts and answers for you and pester those in the know to bring you the answers that you feel you need.

I'll also be at BritMums Live! to meet and welcome all the newer bloggers who are attending and hope to arrange a pre- BritMums Live! meet up for those newer bloggers who feel it would be nice to know people before the 'big event'.

I'm also joining BritMums video blogging team and hope to be able to guide any newer blogger interested in taking the plunge into video posting.

So there you have it, I am quite literally raising a cheeky glass of red wine at this very moment and saying a huge 'CHEERS' to  everyone !