If you go down to the beach today...


I know what you are thinking - Mammasaurus is not well known for her craft-skillz !

Bean has what looks like the start of chickenpox  - sods law on the day that she's due to go back to nursery after the break for the summer hols! This means that the Mammasaurus household are on a mini lock-down whilst she lies on the sofa being a very poorly diva. So Oz started rooting about in the cupboards this morning and found a little box containing something that I made them both months back - something so simple which never fails to keep them amused...And being inspired of late to get back into all things crafty by the likes of Red Ted Art ,The Crafty Crow and MiniEco I thought I'd share.

All you need is a pen - and a beach ! Well some little pebbles...

One sunny morning we trundled down to the beach and looked for odd shaped pebbles

With a pocket full of pebbles (and two soggy pre-schoolers who decided that paddling was far more fun than collecting stones) we headed home. Once we all dried off we set to work deciding which pebbles looked like what animal shapes and I began to draw those animals on the pebbles. I can imagine that if they were a bit older that they would have loved to have drawn the animals on and painted them too !

And here's what we came up with

The kiddies really enjoyed the whole process - especially naming the animals !

If you have any links to other posts for things made from pebbles and shells feel free to share - I'd love some more inspiration x

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