KNICKERS! pre,during and post pregnancy *warning may contain piles*


HELP MY KNICKERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL ! Whilst pulling out a pair of pants this morning I have discovered that my knickers are OUT OF CONTROL ! So I am indulging in some self-discovery knicker stylee today and my butt covering underwear of choice through the ages-complete with cut out Mammasaurus's for your entertainment...

Before I became pregnant my knickers were small, slinky affairs. Seductive colours - deep red, black or ivory if I was trying to create the illusion of purity (note I used the word illusion!) Big knickers were earmarked for the 6 days of hormonal hell every month aka the blob,periods,'that time of the month' - earning them the title 'period pants'.

During my pregnancy my knickers became larger and LARGER ... my ever expanding arse needed more room and I found a new bessie mate - comfort. Generally black or polka dot affairs sold in mutli packs from major high street maternity stores graced my drawers - I did invest in a 'bump hugging' thong at one stage to try and make myself look more 'sexy' for Papasaurus. Alas the sight of me unable to reach my toes a trying to remove the thong in question resulted in much chortling from both of us.

Post pregnancy and into motherhood my kickers stayed larger, I married that new bessie mate comfort and we now live happily together. Every day is a 'period pants' day, I'm not talking of full granny knickers mind you but still at least 3 times the size of my pre-pregnancy knickers. Seductive colours are gone now and I find myself with a drawer full of polka dots,stripes and *bleurgh* butterflies ( I even spied a reindeer pair in there!). I do own 1 pair of back tiny 'crease hugging' knickers but they get worn for 'special occasions' when I want to give myself a sexy lift. This ALWAYS backfires and leaves me feeling uncomfortable as they ride up my arse and aggravate my *ahem* * occasional piles * and therefore leaves me feeling decidedly un-sexy...

And just so you can assess the gravity of my situation (and because CafeBebe wants to see my pants) here's my knicker draw. Time for a a major pants -overhaul me thinks


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