Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me…


When I spied I had been tagged by butwhymummywhy in the 'Ten Things You Don't Know About Me'  meme I have to admit that my first reaction was "oh bollocks!" Such was my reaction that Papasaurus even turned his attention from the cricket on tv (the bain of my life - cricket that is not Papasaurus!) So here goes - Ten Things You Don't Know About Me - scream if you wanna go faster ! 1. I have a penis.

2.Sometimes I fib ;)

3.I am secretly a little jealous of my teenage daughter - she is coming up to 15 and everyone tells me that we look identical. I should feel flattered but she in fact a much younger, firmer version of me and I find that a tad depressing !

4.Despite my banter I am very nervous of meeting new people. I've been asked to take part in a 'review the newspapers' show on BBC Radio Solent in 2 weeks time - I'm terrified that once thrust 'on air' that people will see that I am not at all witty and in reality rather dull!

5.I do not have a bank account not do I want one.

6.If I bounce too high on a trampoline a bit of wee wee comes out. That's not to say that my pelvic floor is completely shot to sh*t as I can cough and sneeze away to my hearts content with the slightest threat of 'golden drizzle'.

7.I have a favourite child of my eight. I can't help it. But I'd never tell anyone which one it is.

8.I fancy Boris Johnson - I can't help it - he's so shaggy haired and bumbling - I cannot resist!

9.I am addicted to sugar free Polos - I eat about 9 packets of them a week !

10. I have been without and oven for 2 years and it fills me with the RAGE !

I take the 'BOLLOCKS!' back - that was actually jolly good fun!

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