"Ask A Blogger" - The Mini Interrogation of Karin from CafeBebe

TA DAAA ! Welcome one and all to this new feature at Mammasaurus that I’ve imaginatively titled - ‘Ask A Blogger’. Ask A Blogger is mini-interrogation few short,simple questions that will be put to a different blogger each week, experienced and newbies alike.

And kicking off the action today I am more than happy to say is the lovely Karin from CafeBebe, who is also the contributing editor of BritMums and the Childalert  website , freelance writer and social media consultant- and speak of the devil, here she is,along with her gorgeous little gal Ella...

And now *points anglepoise lamp in Karins direction* here comes your questions ...

If you could give just one piece of advice to a mummy or daddy blogger just starting out in ‘Blog Land’ what would it be?

If your primary purpose in blogging is to "blag" stuff, then maybe blogging isn't exactly for you. Find your VOICE, whether that be as a reviewer or a story-teller or a poo expert and then remain true to that no matter the trend or stat or award.

What do you consider to be the biggest blogging ‘no no’?

Copying another bloggers work and/or uniqueness. If you aren't genuine you will be sniffed out in a millisecond and the wolves will be upon you. 

To review or not to review?

I would say that it is a wonderful perk to be able to review things/events/products but always remain genuine, honest and forthright in your review of anything. Be sure to understand/agree to the terms for the review up front and honour those deadlines. If you are not interested in reviewing a particular product, politely decline it with the PR but maintain a positive relationship with that PR because you'll never know what might come next! If you do review products on your site, don't over-saturate your content with too many reviews. Spread them out throughout the week/month so that your readers don't get bored or disinterested. It might be a brilliant idea to think of a way to review products that no one else has done/does. Set yourself apart from everyone and have a "unique selling point".

If you could sum up your blog in just one word what would that word be?


We know you as Karin from CafeBebe but do you have any secret talents or hobbies that you’d care to tell us about ?

I was a competitive gymnast from age 4-18 (not Beth Tweddle quality but flippy-floppy and all that). I also speak French (not fluently today but capable of doing it if immersed for a few days).

I love gin – do you love gin?

I'm sorry to say that I DON'T love gin. I don't love any alcohol at the moment being in my 2nd trimester but I am partial to Grey Goose Vodka in a Bloody Mary (with a pickle), Bailey's Irish Creme on a cold winter's night, a smooth cider on a hot summer afternoon or a nice, tall Pimm's at a wedding reception. Oooh, Prosecco is my new favourite bubbly as well. Until 2012, however, it's cloudy lemonade for me!

Many thanks to Karin for this - there are some nuggets of worldy blogging wisdom in there for us all ! Three cheers for CafeBebe - Hip Hip ...HOORAY !  And you can catch up with Karin,Ella and bump over at  CafeBebe. Also if you are a twit-wit you can find her on Twitter - @Cafebebe.