Happy Hands Garland - purfick for rainy days !


A simple to make Happy Hands Garland - easy craft-ercise to brighten up your windows ! Things you'll need:

  • Card - can be coloured, patterned, old birthday cards - whatever you've got lying around
  • Length of string / cord / ribbon (as long or as short as you like)
  • Scissors, sellotape and a pen !

Draw round your childs hand on different bits of card as many times as you wish leaving an extra 2cms on the 'wrist end'. A tip for those with babies - just draw round the hand once, you can use the one hand as a template to draw others ;)

Cut out the little hands.

Lie the cord out on the table, fold over the wrist edge of the hands and sellotape down.

Repeat until all the hands are up  and hey presto a lovely Happy Hand Garland to hang up in your childs room or any window in the home - guaranteed to brighten every-ones day !

Annie Spratt3 Comments