"Look! A Book!" Week - strap yourself in for some booky shizzle


Greetings book-worms to *drum roll* "Look! A Book!" week here at Mammasaurus. Five booky related days of fun, facts and maybe even fury. Everyday this week will see Mammasaurus book-related posts alongside some great posts,photos and gubbins from lots of other lovely bloggers and human-folk.... I love a good book, I don't even dislike a bad one.

I love reading and I love being read to too. Yes that's right I love being read to. I don't buy flash, high heeled uncomfortable shoes or have a penchant for collecting elephant trinkets -oh no - I release my inner diva by insisting that hubby reads to me before I go to sleep every night.

I started this lavish behaviour when pregnant with our first child. I have a rather over-active mind and always struggle to nod off in the evening - no matter how long a day I have and being read to chills me out to perfection.

Not that I don't read to myself you understand, I make long train journeys each month and always 'power read' a book en route. Once I start reading I can plough on and finish a book within a couple of hours such is my love for it. I am totally obsessed with the likes of Jonathon Stroud, Haruki Murakami, Yukio Mishima and Phillip Pullman. When you have kiddies running around your feet most days you learn to appreciate the little things in life - like reading!

But as a parent I find major satisfaction in watching my children read. Cuddling up each evening I love to see their faces as I read to them, the questions it makes them ask and it simply leaves me feeling fulfilled as I tuck them in and leave their bedrooms.

Books rule - what more can I say! What your favourite book -adult book - erm no not porn I mean book that is not a kids book ? ARGH! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN !

Today I'm very happy to bring you 'Top 5 Tips for Reading and Writing' from ActuallyMummy @ http://www.actuallymummy.co.uk , it's a really funny post and the tips are fandabbiedozie  so if you like this snippet head on over and check the rest of it out -

Learning the Habit: Top 5 Tips for Reading and Writing

I am grumpy at the moment. Mummy is calling it ‘end-of-year-itis’. You know, that point you get to when you’re comfortable with the teacher, you know it all, your brother is like, sooooo annoying you, and school are throwing parties, assemblies, trips, DVD’s and treats at you because, well, just because. Add to that my teacher’s contagious ‘hayfever’ every time she thinks of us moving on (we are the best class in the school, after all), and a little bit of hysteria is inevitable.
 -  read the rest over at  Learning the habit - Top 5 tips for reading and writing   - and while you are there check out ActuallyMummys Healthy chocolate cake for kids recipe to make with your kids - perfect summer hols fodder !!!
We made it and check out the love the kids gave it !