You've posted 2p WHERE ?!


I'm pretty sure that when I was pregnant,reading all the 'how to cope with a baby / toddler / have happy kids' type books I didn't come across a chapter entitled 'What to do when you walk into a room to find your 3 year old daughter trying to wedge a 2p piece into her vajaja'. And if such a chapter in a book exists then I need it in my life ! I can almost hear her thoughts, stood there with a button in hand, inspecting it closely she looks lost in thought -almost blank in expression. But inwardly I just know she's thinking 'Look at it, it's sooo red and shiny - must ... put ... in ... ear !!!!'

Over the years I have seen it all - pencils in ears , breadsticks and a lego man arm up noses and cornflakes stuck to eye lids but anything vagina related enters in alien territory. As a parent I'm aware of not making a big deal about when she does show an interest of her 'downstairs', after all I don't want to raise a repressed daughter who has issues after being scolded at an early age for poking herself.

So if anyone has any pearls of wisdom for me on how to handle it I'd love to hear ... I'm certainly not 'googling' it for fear of what horrors may turn up on a search :/

Annie Spratt6 Comments