153. HDYGG


I'm back! Huge thanks to Gemma for hosting last week's HDYGG whilst I was off in Montreal. I had a lovely week away and though most of the time was spent working I did managed to sneak off some mornings to explore the city.

You know me, I made straight for Montreal Botanical Garden to explore. They have some amazing glasshouses and I took farrrrr too many photos. I'm sharing a few today and then I'll pop the rest up over the weekend! I took my large Nikon camera and it gave me a nice opportunity to get to grips with using it more. I finally feel like I'm starting to get the feel of it after a good 6 months of having it and being a bit scared of it.

Enough of the waffling, on to the photos from the glasshouses...

Montreal Botanical Garden
Montreal Botanical Garden - hanging wall planting

It's a glorious sunny day here and I'm looking forward to sitting in the garden and looking through this weeks posts! Enjoy the sunshine people :)