130. How Does Your Garden Grow?

One hundred and thirty? Can you believe it? Well I didn't bake a cake but I did make boozy brandy and stem ginger icing for doughnuts this week - does that count?

Photos this week are from Grandad's garden. It dawned on me this week that I've been out and about a fair bit of late and have neglected updates from there, so here goes.

It's mainly down to two things at the moment, hydrangeas and leaves. Never ending leaves that is, as the copse of ancient towering trees behind his garden lose their leaves. The garden itself is huge so to see the grass a blanket of leaves is quite a sight - and quite the job to clear! He gathers and burns the leaves weekly, each week clearing the grass only for it to be completely blanketed again a week later. If I had to deal with all those leaves I would be going mad...

So obviously I have posted lots of photos of the leaves yes? Errr...

*wonders if anyone will notice hydrangea overload*

Before I forget, next week I'll be off and away in Iceland (the country not the shop, I won't be waist deep in frozen prawn rings) so Gemma will be hosting.

Thanks to those who joined in last week, always a quieter time of the year but, on the bright side, it means I can spend longer reading the posts *huzzah*. Some faves include: In the Night Garden (proof that camera flashes aren't necessarily the devil), apples galore in West Virginia and blooming Normandy.

Mammsaurus HDYGG